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Oven Industries, Inc., founded in 1964, has pioneered in the development of custom industrial temperature controllers and sensors, designed by experts in this field. Initially, we produced precise temperature controlled component ovens for the oscillator industry. These products have been expanded to meet a wide variety of applications in commercial, industrial, military, medical equipment, food processing, and many other markets. Our design engineering staff and complete production facilities have enabled us to become a temperature sensor manufacturer of industrial temperature sensors in prototype quantities, as well as a high volume of controls ranging from on/off type, proportional, to complex microprocessor-based versions such as:

  • Controls for DNA Sequencers
  • Programmable temperature controllers for Dental Curing Ovens
  • Gas-fired hot water boiler management systems
  • Wide variety of products developed for the medical respiratory industry
  • Nebulizer heater products
  • Heated humidifier products
  • PC Programmable Temperature Controllers for Thermistor and Thermocouple Inputs
  • PC Programmable Temperature Controllers for Thermoelectric (Peltier) Modules

Beyond being a temperature sensor and thermistor manufacturer, Oven Industries has developed and manufactured many other control products. A few of these are:

  • Microprocessor Torque Controller for Dental Drills
  • TE Module H-Bridge Temperature Controller
  • Back-iron voltage regulator for motor/generator set
  • Switching power supply for fiber optic dental drill lamps
  • Motor Speed Control for Laboratory and Production Machines

In the more sophisticated microprocessor-based control areas, we have designed and manufactured industrial temperature controllers for servo valves on a one million BTU gas-fired boiler. The articulating dental chair control is a software programmable control, of a hydraulic positioning system using solenoids and pump motor. Another microcontroller product is one used in a water chiller unit for a large-scale energy management system.

Oven Industries, Inc. has produced industrial temperature sensors, controllers and other products for:

  • NASA space applications
  • Airborne and ground military systems
  • Food processing equipment
  • Commercial cooking equipment
  • Laboratory instruments and X-ray developers
  • A wide variety of industrial machinery for use with paint, glue, plastics and many other products.

As a thermoelectric controller manufacturer, our unique capabilities and design expertise have successfully solved a wide variety of problems for a wide variety of customers.

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